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Pilot's Manual Volume 3: Instrument Flying - La Boutique du Pilote

Pilot's Manual Volume 3: Instrument Flying

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A Complete Self Paced Home Study Course Designed to be All You Need to Pass the Private, Commercial, and Instrument FAA Knowledge and Practical Tests
The Pilots Manual Volume 3 Instrument Flying
Whether you fly for pleasure, business, or a career in aviation, the instrument rating is the pilots ticket into the full spectrum of the airspace system and the key to maximizing the functionality of your pilot certificate. The most comprehensive instrument textbook available, Instrument Flying covers all of the aeronautical knowledge and skip you need to earn your instrument rating: from basic attitude flying to navigation and meteorology, to the actual IFR maneuvers flown in the air. Thorough review sections houe your knowledge in preparation for the FAA Knowledge Exam, while detailed prose and illustrations pre? you for your oral and flight tests with confidence.
Instrument Flying will teach you how to fly IFR with techniques used by experienced and professional pilots, taking advantage of the building?block technique. Master the groundwork required for instrument flight before going through the knowledge and skill required for departure, en route, terminal and approach procedures. Multiple graphic illustrations simplify even those maneuvers perceived to be complicated: holding patterns, intercepting and tracking, flying an NDB approach with crosswinds. With all of the tasks from the Practical Test Standards covered in this text, instrument students are provided with a solid foundation to obtain and use the instrument rating. With up-to-date procedures and tips that could only be gleaned from experts, this text is an invaluable reference book for the instrument rated pilot.
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