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CX-3 Flight Computer - La Boutique du Pilote

CX-3 Flight Computer

Ref. produit : ASACX3

Disponible sous 1 à 2 semaines

99.90 € 

DESCRIPTION CX-3 Flight Computer :

The CX-3 Flight Computer makes flight planning simple by taking confusion out of the equation. Fast, versatile and easy to use, the CX-3 delivers accurate results quickly and efficiently. It can be used on all FAA and Canadian pilot, mechanic, and dispatcher knowledge exams. Whether used for flight planning, ground school, or knowlledge testing, the menu organization reflects the order in which a flight is normally planned and executed, resulting in a natural flow from one function to the next with a minimum of keystrokes

Multiple aviation functions can be performed on the CX-3 flight computer including those related to time, speed, distance, heading, wind, fuel, altitude, cloud base, standard atmosphere, glide, climb & descent, weight & balance, as well as a holding pattern function to help determine entry method and holding details. A calculator, clock, timer and stopwatch are also built in along with mutliple settings for lighting, backlighting, themes, scrolling speed, time zones and more.

The sleek design, and ergonomic fit and finish of the CX-3 make for easy transport. The protective cover comes off the front and snaps onto the back of the computer. A no-slip-strip prevents the CX-3 from sliding around on smooth desk surfaces. A Theme feature provides a convenient way to switch from Standard view to Night or Daylight views. The backlighting feature controls the brightness or intensity of the screen, and the buttons on the keypad will light up in Dusk and Night modes for use in darker environments. A Favorite feature provides quick access to your most frequently used function and store the Aircraft Profile will let you store numbers specific to your aircraft.
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