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English course in radio communications for airlines pilots - Access to ICAO levels 4 & 5 MP3 sound files inside

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This course in radio communications, designed by the reference expert in Aviation English, Yves Rengade, is the only one to be based on authentic in-flight recordings used as language training material which will help you to acquire or consolidate the competences required by ICAO by adopting a personalized method of working.

The aim of this manual is to help you to acquire or consolidate the competences required by ICAO and, to this end, to adopt a personalized method of working.

The advantage of the approach  followed by ICAO  is that it clearly identifies the competences whose acquisition guarantees the required linguistic level; the objectives being clearly defined, it is important  that from the outset you prioritize your needs so that you can organize  your work accordingly.


Two categories may be listed as follows:


  either you may judge that you are lacking in each of the competences in the ICAO  grid; in this case you would have to revise thoroughly all the domains in order to reach the five objectives set out in the manual.


• or you may judge that you have mastered one competence well but feel less confident in another; the layout of the manual allows you to concentrate on the domains which, in your opinion, necessitate more attention.


Whatever the category, it would be advisable not to go through the manual in a rectilinear fashion. Its structure allows you, if you so wish, to go to and from one competence and another; thus progressively, you will master all of them and will be able to use them with confidence.


Since the manual is divided into two main parts - Access to level 4 & Access to level 5 - you can modify your objectives  as you progress: it could be that at first you aim for level 4, however nothing prevents you from being more ambitious and going on to level 5. If this manual helps you to progress in this way, then the author’s satisfaction will be all the greater.